Level 1 Wrestling Coaching Course

Become the Wrestling Coach at Your Academy!

Wrestling Coaching Course

The Wrestling Foundation Level 1 Coaching Course is the first step in giving you the tools to start coaching wrestling and bring the TWF System into your academy.

We will help you become the wrestling coach of your gym while accessing the resources of a wrestling community, folkstyle wrestling techniques and coaching system.

Join A Wrestling Lineage

Being a part of The Wrestling Foundation Community means joining a folkstyle wrestling lineage that traces back to the Stafford Wrestling Club in New Jersey, America.

Founded by Coach Gary Jones's father, The Stafford Wrestling Club still runs weekly wrestling classes and produces talented wrestlers.

Gain TWF Coaching Skills

The Wrestling Foundation Coaching System has enabled us to take the American sport of folkstyle wrestling and successfully teach it in Australia within multiple academies to thousands of students.

The Wrestling Foundation Level 1 Coaching Course Teaches:

  • Running The Foundations Program
  • Running The Wrestling Room
  • Wrestling Coaching Skils
  • Wrestling Safety
  • Introduction to Wrestling Lesson
  • Scoring The Sport of Folkstyle Wrestling
  • Injury & Dropout Prevention
  • Sample Class & TWF Level 1 Technique

Start Coaching Wrestling

The Course is a full day event covering all the above topics. It will help you become a wrestling coach who can teach the American Folkstyle Wrestling skills in The Wrestling Foundation System.

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Folkstyle Wrestling Coaching Course