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Foundations Of Kids Wrestling

Our Kids wrestling classes have been designed by Head Coach Gary Jones, who leaned on his experiance wrestling at school while growing up in America. They are fun and challenging activities that keep your child focused and motivated as they learn the wrestling skills that are practiced by children around the world. But we deliever them with the same system that The Wrestling Foundation uses to develop wrestlers who are completely new to the art of wrestling.

Level 1 Wrestling Class

This class develops the foundations of wrestling in the individual. We teach a variety of basic techniques for all positions including take-downs, top and bottom. Along with learning specific techniques, you will practice drills that put these techniques into action. In addition, you will find out how wrestling can be a full body workout.

Level 2 Wrestling Class

 This class continues on from the Level 1 program, containing similar takedowns and positions on the ground, but expands your technical ability to execute them by adding more handfighting entries, takedowns finishing options and additional pinning and mat control techniques based off the reactions of your partner. You will begin to work these into situational live wrestling scenarious to give you a solid conditioning workout. 

Level 3 Wrestling Class

This class is designed to put all the techniques, skills, and drills together and learn how to grapple. This class provides a high level of intensity, fitness, and match wrestling. We will also provide a vigorous conditioning session which focuses on power, explosion, and readiness.

Wrestling Movement Class

The Wrestling movement class is designed to take the impact off wrestling practice but still give you a workout that allows you to familiarise yourself with all the fundamental movement skills that are used in our wrestling practices. Based on solo movements you will work in the class to run through our core wrestling movement system that builds you up to flow like a wrestler.

Wrestling Workshops

Our workshop aims to provide not only basic moves and techniques but also introduces the wrestling mentality in a way that can be customised to your own clubs needs.